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I've had the pleasure to be teaching guitar for the past few years and it has been a humbling experience. I've found a similar pattern of things missing that I think should be past of the essential base of one as a musician.
My goal as an educator is to provide the tools necessary for someone to be able to grow and develop their musicality easier with a stable base to grow and build on.


Theory in music, is just as important as the music itself. And by talking about theory, I don't just mean written, instead being applied on the instrument. The goal is to develop a good ear and making sense of what's going on in music. Basically tying it all up together, which will make you a better and more complete musician. It's an extensive topic by itself made worthwhile by applying it into the guitar.
Look at it this way, you're learning a new language. When learning a language we must learn how to use the letters, numbers, how to make up words, how to make up sentences, this is all completely translated into music. Which means everything that I teach about theory is meant to be applied on what you played. 
Some of the topics that I cover are: the notes and intervals by themselves and on the fretboard, scales and how to build them from scratch, Harmony, Modes, Rythm, building chords... Going in depth on all of these and more.


Building a good technique is essential if you want to be able to get better as a guitarist and don't want to hurt yourself. Having a good technique means having a good posture and playing guitar in a way that's basically effortless for the body, which means that you're going to be able to sound better, play better and last more time playing guitar.


Last but not least, everything that's being taught needs to be guided towards it being used in a creative area, that being improvising or composing. Basically getting to produce the sound that's inside your head.

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