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The most important tool for musicians!

Hey guys! I'm finally back again in this platform writing some blogs while I edit and render my videos and what a better way than to talk a little about the latest iteration of my music theory 101 series? This one is of the 3rd installment, I actually had skipped a few which I'll be posting on the next blog post, but more on that later.

If you saw the video, you may already know I'm talking about the mythical and magical circle of 5ths. Which I'll post here.

Why is it so important to learn this and even more than that, apply it to your playing? This is a magnificent way to know your fretboard and your instrument all alike. You'll learn where are the keys and start to need more critical thinking than you'd have to before, especially when doing this with a metronome. Use it to your favor and both ways around, what I mean by that, use it with 5ths and 4ths, or clockwise and counter clockwise.

For example, you may want to practice arpeggios (1 3 5 7), do them using this. C, F, Bb, etc...

Hope you guys enjoyed the video and hope this helps. I'll be posting the chord charts this week and a little more on the other videos that I missed the blog post. I'll see you there!

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