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A little bit of who I am

Franko Torres


Hello there! My name is Franko Torres and I'm a 23 years young guitarist and guitar instructor from Puerto Rico who began to play the guitar at the age of 14. Discovering a passion for music and the instrument like no other, I decided to pursue music as my career and have been doing so ever since. I've done session work, taught and played all around Puerto Rico in some of the biggest venues, and toured a few parts of the US. In mid 2018 I was part of the band Constantly Crashing's debut EP titled I AM. Later on also playing with a few other artists including but not limited to Louu, Julio Angel, Jacky Fontanez.

Currently, I reside in San Juan, Puerto Rico, working on my MBA in Marketing and counting with a BA in Contemporary Music Performance. Working my way through the internet, gigging and recording with different bands and artists, and teaching. Personally, I lean mostly towards playing pop, rock, jazz and fusion. Some of my current personal projects include working on my new band's music, Koi, the Great, creating lessons online in english and spanish and a guitar instructional book, which I'm honestly very excited about. Additionally, I've been teaching private lessons for around 6 years now and enjoy it just as much as everything else I do. 


As a total gear head myself, I suppose some may be interested in what I use. Here it is!




* Tom Anderson Hollow Classic T

* Custom Strat

* Epiphone Dot

* Strandberg Salen

*Custom Warmoth Strat

*Yamaha TRBX305 bass



I use a variety of effects which you can find on my instagram and soon enough on my youtube page with their respective soundclips and demos.This includes a few from keeley, who I'm more than proud to be an artist of. And to list them; Aria, Caverns, Super mod workstation, and the Dyno my roto. Also proud to be a singular sound artist and using their Aeros loop studio and beat buddy. The Revv G3 is one of the latest additions which I'm thankful to have collaborated with Revv for some videos of that.




* Variety of strings, mostly10s

* Iron Age Guitar Picks (You can click on the Iron Age icon to get 15% off in your first order)
   -Faux Ivory

* Covenant Cables [CC] Remnant Gold cables. Including a custom one with wooden covers on the tip itself, which I love.

Proud to be part of the Covenant Cables Artists!



* Boss Katana Artist

*Line 6 Hx stomp

Wonderful companies that I proudly collaborate with

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My Instagram
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